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What causes your teeth to stain teeth and how can you fix it ?

before ZOOM teeth whitening
30 October 2019

There are lots of reasons why your teeth stain or discolour and not all of them are due to bad habits like excessive coffee, soft drinks or tobacco. Of course, they don’t help and if you want to retain healthy looking teeth and gums, you are probably best to either abstain or at least reduce your consumption, as hard as that may be. 

There are loads of other reasons why your teeth fade and discolour. One is the ageing process. That’s right, it won’t surprise anybody of a certain age and beyond that most parts of the body start to reveal some wear and tear. Your teeth are no exception.

As you get older, the enamel on your teeth breaks down and more dentin starts to appear. Dentin is the bony tissue that makes up the bulk of the structure of a tooth. The lovely glossy appearance of your teeth fades with age and more yellow begins to break through. The reason that dentists always worn against harsh over brushing is the damage it does to the enamel of your teeth. Dentin might appear as streaks initially and as time goes by there will be more yellow and less of that lovely translucence consistent with pearly white, well maintained teeth.

But there are other reasons why your teeth discolour and stain. Like ageing, many of them are beyond your control. Certain antibiotics and anti-psychotics can have a detrimental effect on the enamel of your teeth. So can radiation and chemotherapy. Trauma in children can affect the enamel and in some instances childhood trauma to the enamel of your teeth doesn’t manifest until adulthood. 

So what can you do about your stained or discoloured teeth?

For the safe way to whiten teeth you should visit Cosmic Smile Dental Clinic. The do it yourself solutions that usually come from the supermarket or pharmacy shelves tend to do more damage than good. Particularly because people are of the view that the firmer the hand the better the result. Discolouring means the colour has gone and needs to be replaced. Stains are to be dissolved or coated over, they can’t be scrubbed away.

But you can restore your brilliant smile and with it your confidence and it doesn’t take loads of visits. Just one appointment is all it takes for ‘zoom teeth whitening in Sydney’ to work. The session takes 60 minutes and 50% of patients end up with the brightest shade on a regular tooth chart (B1) in a single session! We use ZOOM! and Natural+, the highest quality of in-office whitening gels available.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy an hour in the dental chair even though it’s painless and completely non-invasive, you could try tray teeth whitening. We provide you with a custom fitted whitening tray that accesses your tooth surfaces in hard-to-reach areas. You are given a whitening gel to take home and you use it over the next 10-14 days to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

You can have beautiful white teeth again. If you contact Cosmic Smile Dental Clinic for an obligation free consultation you won’t be disappointed with the results. Your confidence and desire to grin will come flooding back after just one visit.