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ZOOM teeth whitening of tetracycline stained teeth

10 June 2011

I’m always getting comments about how white my teeth are, and getting asked by my patients if their teeth can look like mine. For most patients, they can. And it’s very simple.

My teeth were not always white though. When I was younger I was given tetracycline by a doctor. Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that causes teeth to get dark grey or brown banding. When the staining is severe, it can take many months of home teeth whitening to whiten the teeth to an acceptable colour. If the staining is too dark, it is not possible to remove the banding completely. The best solution is then to use Lumineers to mask the dark teeth which does not require removal of any tooth structure.

Lumineers on severely tetracycline stained teeth

Luckily my father who was a dentist, realised what I had been given and I did not take the full course of antibiotics. Still, for many years I had grey teeth that I was ashamed of. Over the years, I’ve done two lots of in-chair whitening and two complete treatments with home teeth whitening kits. Luckily my teeth were able to be whitened using both whitening systems in combination. The teeth are now a light natural white colour (B1 – see shade guide) and maintaining them is pretty easy. Keep them white only takes two or three sessions with a home whitening kit every years or so to get them back to the shiny white that they were.

Since it is getting to the end of the financal year we are offering Professional in-chair teeth whitening with the ZOOM or Sapphire Lumibrite system for only $590. This is such as great offer but it does not include the trays for home teeth whitening. It is really designed for the patient that already has them but just wants to get a quicker result. This offer is only valid until June 30th 2011. Give us a call for this or one of our other special offers!