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Qualified Laser Dentistry in Sydney


laser root canal treatment using Fotona Lightwalker and PIPS

Laser root canal treatments (RCT)

Teeth that need Laser root canal treatments (RCT)

Effective, Fast, Minimally Invasive Therapy.

1. Extremely high sucess rate with no need to repeat procedures

2. Single visit to complete the root treatment process

3. Minimal filing

4. Preserves much more tooth endoskeleton

5. Faster, safer, and more efficient

Laser endodontic treatment successfully addresses the two major disadvantages of classical chemo-mechanical treatment procedures: the inability to clean and debride anatomically complex root-canal systems and to deeply disinfect dentinal walls and tubules.

Only available using the Fotona Lightwalker, the patented Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS) procedure can create a turbulent pumping action inside the tooth to very effectively clean the root canal system. When used with special irrigants, such as EDTA and NaOCl, it will remove the smear layer and bacteria containing biofilm from the tubules deep in the end of the teeth.

The procedure creates the highest level of cleaning currently available and can virtually eliminate the bacteria within the root canal system. It is much quicker for the patient as there is less filing and removal of internal tooth structure. The entire procedure can be completed in one visit with higher success rates and less pain.

Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS)
root canal
Following PIPS™ endo laser treatment, the opening to the lateral canals are free of smear layer
Traditional Root Treatment    Laser Root Treatment
3 or 4 visits1 visit
Multiple injectionsSingle or no injections
Unpredictable resultSuperior cleaning
Smear layer and bacteria remainFree of organic tissue
Significant tissue removalMinimally invasive preparation
Laser Root Treatment Therapy
Laser Root Treatment by Dr. Pang