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Whitening for Life

Do you want teeth whitening in Sydney?

Could you imagine a life wearing dentures where you are robbed of the privilege of enjoying clean, white and sparkling natural teeth? This is sadly the case for 40% of Australians over the age of 65 who have lost their teeth due to decay or gum disease.

People give a bewildering array of excuses as to their reason for avoiding treatment with an Australian Dental Journal survey. The survey showed that 67% of Australians failed to go to the dentist as often as they understood that they should. We really run the gamut of excuses:

  • 30% cite high cost as a reason for avoiding the dentist
  • 30% say they had no time
  • 18% fear the dentist
  • 9% say it is inconvenient

What would you say if Cosmic Smile Dental could offer you convenient dental care services that don’t involve infinite dental trips or painful injections? We proudly announce our Whitening for Life program, an innovative solution to all of your dental problems, allowing you to benefit from a beautiful white smile that is healthy and will last for years.

teeth whitening in Sydney

How Does It Work?

When you book a consultation with Cosmic Smile Dental for a cleaning or a preventative examination, let our friendly staff know that you want to join in the Whitening for Life program. If you participate, you will receive custom tooth whitening trays and everything you need to have cleaner whiter teeth for the future of your smile.  Enrolling in the program costs just $179.00!

At each recommended preventive visit, we will give you a complimentary touch up kit of teeth whitening gel* to help you keep your smile sparkling white. We reward you when you keep your appointments!

We believe in rewarding our patients who take dental health seriously, so not only will your mouth be healthier, your smile will be more beautiful as well. This allows you can engage in tooth whitening at home, repelling and preventing any new stains that your teeth take up on a routine basis. Dr. Pang will fit you with tailor-made trays and provide you with a gentle yet powerful professional whitening solution that removes stains and showcases your smile.

Got questions? Ask Dr. Pang

Relax in Our Clinic

In our experience, we find that people fear the dentist because of previous bad experiences, or due to the clinic having an atmosphere of foreboding and boring waiting rooms that give patients the time to dream up the worst-case scenario in a dental chair. At Cosmic Smile Dental, we offer an array of entertainment options including the chance to watch cable television, play video games, watch movies or listen to a music playlist specifically tailored to your tastes, making you feel at home and providing the most relaxed environment possible. We listen very carefully to your needs and concerns, so that we can ensure your comfort during every appointment with our office. Please never hesitate to let us know how to make you feel more comfortable during your care.

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Our specially trained staff will ensure you feel right at home and every visit will pass quickly. Instead of dreading the dentist, you will look forward to the chance to unwind in our office, while sprucing up your oral health. When you leave the clinic, you will feel happier than when you arrived and countless patients of our office can testify to this fact.

For permanently healthy, white teeth, enrol in our Whitening for Life program and join the increasing number of Sydney residents that line up to sit in Dr. Pang’s chair.

Make sure you ask about how to enrol for teeth whitening today at your appointment!