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Snap-On Smile

Are you embarrassed by the colour of your teeth?

Do you refrain from smiling around your friends and family? 

Now imagine having beautiful teeth that immediately boost your confidence and self-esteem without the need for invasive procedures, injections or recovery time. Thanks to the “Snap-On Smile”, everyone can enjoy a natural and beautiful smile that is affordable and doesn’t require painful dental appointments.

What Is The Snap-On Smile?

Simply put, Snap-On Smiles are one of the fastest and most effective cosmetic dental procedures ever created. Developed by a cosmetic dentist, patients can have a Hollywood smile without the Hollywood price.  Best of all, it acts as a permanent solution while also being fully removable, making home care and maintenance a snap.

The Snap-On Smile has the following advantages over other smile makeover options:

  • No injections, no drilling and no permanent cement is involved
  • You can eat while wearing the Snap-On Smile appliance
  • Snap-On Smile is affordable and can last for years
  • Can be worn while other existing dental restoration, such as ongoing implant treatments
Got questions? Ask Dr. Pang

What is Involved?

When you visit Cosmic Smile Dental, Dr. Pang will take a mould of your own teeth to ensure a perfect fit. He then creates the Snap-On Smile using an advanced technology dental resin so that it fits precisely over your existing teeth in a secure manner. After the quick and painless procedure, you will instantly have the most incredible and beautiful smile regardless of whether your teeth are chipped, crooked, broken or stained.

Who Should Use The Snap-On Smile?

This removable cosmetic solution is for everyone eager to flash a megawatt smile in public! It is easily affordable for most patients and provides life-changing benefits. Dr. Pang can create your personal Snap-On Smile in just two visits without painful injections or altering of in your existing tooth structure.

We believe that the Snap-On Smile is best suited for:

  • Teeth that have gaps or are crooked/stained
  • Patients that are unable have implants or bridges
  • Those that want a glowing smile without painful and complex cosmetic dental procedures
  • Patients with partial dentures who want an improved alternative that benefits their appearance

Cosmetic Removable Partial Denture

Cosmetic Removable - Partial Denture

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement

Implant Temporary Restoration

Dental Implant Temporary Restoration

Raising Vertical Dimension

Raising Vertical Dimension - dental implant

Why Choose Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is easy to wear, will give you back your confidence, and you won’t ever have to hide your happiness again. All it takes are 3 simple steps:

  • Choose your own tooth style and shade during your individual consultation session
  • Allow Dr. Pang to take an impression of your teeth
  • Return to Cosmic Smile Dental in six weeks for the final fitting and delivery.

Don’t allow less than perfect teeth to dictate the way you live or suppress your self-confidence, get your Snap-On Smile at Cosmic Smile Dental today and be astonished at the results.

If you would like to find out more about permanent smile options that also do not involve injections or drilling, take a look at LUMINEERS.

Otherwise, call us on 02 9904 2880 to organise a Snap-On Smile Consultation