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NightLase Laser Snoring
& Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Snoring, sleep-apnea and other sleep related problems are extremely disruptive to your sleep, your partner’s sleep and anybody else in reasonable proximity. Aside from being unable to function at your optimal level, sleep deprivation puts you at an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and depression.

Compounding the stress related to loss of sleep is the often cumbersome nature of the available treatments. CPAP masks are initially uncomfortable and even after a reasonable period of adjustment they are too irritating to be effective for many people. The other alternative, surgery, is invasive, painful and there is always a post-operative period of recuperation that will have some impact on your professional and personal life.

Cosmic Smile Laser Dental is proud to announce the introduction of NightLase – the simple, revolutionary treatment for snoring and other sleep related problems. NightLase is a completely safe, virtually painless laser treatment. Snoring and other sleep related problems are caused by lax skin at the back of the throat. NightLase tightens the collagen around the lax skin and opens the back of the throat to reduce snoring and sleep-apnea.

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With NightLase there are no general anaesthetics or post-surgery recovery periods with all of their associated risks. After NightLase you will be back in the swing of things the moment the treatment is finished. Nightlase will return to you contented, constant and satisfying sleep.

The manufacturers of NightLase have entrusted their introduction to the New South Wales market to Dr Jason Pang and his team. If you want to know how Nightlase can help you, contact them and one of their helpful staff will answer all your questions.

Live the benefits of feeling alert, engaged and rested, contact Cosmic Smile Laser Dental and ask about NightLase today.
For more details about the NightLase treatment read Stop Snoring FAQ

Why NightLase Snoring Treatment?

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