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Teeth Whitening
(Take Home/Tray Whitening)

Are you unhappy about the colour of your teeth? 

Are you pressed for time and can’t get away for lengthy cosmetic dental appointments in Sydney?

Do you wish there was an alternative cosmetic dental solution that would whiten your teeth at home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are the perfect candidate for the Cosmic Smile Dental Take-Home Teeth Whitening plan.

Consultation & Treatment Plan

The reason why traditional take home teeth whitening plans frequently fail to be effective is because patients settle for the ‘one size fits all’ approach available at large retail stores. At Cosmic Smile Dental, Dr. Pang will explain whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for the treatment. Once he has determined if Cosmic Smile Dental Take-Home Teeth Whitening will provide you with the best results, the treatment plan procedures as follows:

Dr. Pang will take an impression of your teeth to create soft vinyl rubber trays. These are tailored to fit into your mouth comfortably yet tightly like a mouth guard. What makes these trays different from one-size trays, is that custom professional trays will target all of your tooth surfaces, including hard to reach areas around curves or crooked teeth. One-size trays can’t do that, and often cause irregular whitening patterns. Custon whitening trays will create a consistent contact with the gel, providing consistent results.

Our Take-Home Teeth Whitening plan will be explained to you so that you will understand how it works. We will also apply your first treatment, so you’ll know the correct way to use it each time.

You will be given several doses of the whitening solution to take home with you, along with your custom made professional whitening trays.

Wear your trays with the solution for a period of 10 to 14 days, for an hour or so each day, depending on the level of discoloration in your teeth.

The whitening gel works by coming into close contact with your enamel before gradually and safely breaking down, lifting, and removing stains, thereby making your teeth several shades whiter.

Maintain your white smile by touching up your whitening every 3-6 months, wearing the trays for up to a week. If you drink lots of coffee, tea, red wine, soda or are a smoker, you will need to touch up more frequently.

Got questions? Ask Dr. Pang

Does It Work?

Yes! Professional whitening trays are incredibly effective; just ask the hundreds of Cosmic Smile Dental patients who can’t stop smiling since their teeth became pearly white. You can apply the solution and wear the trays any time you wish regardless of whether it is directly after work, when preparing a meal or just before bedtime as you’re relaxing.

We are committed to helping our patients not only gain a dazzling white smile, but also give you the self-confidence that comes along with it. If you seek the ideal smile, we are here to help so contact us today and book an appointment.

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