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Our Team

Lifelong learning, for a lifelong smile.

Everyone at Cosmic Smile is a natural lifelong learner, constantly adding new skills and techniques to their knowledge base, in order to put a bigger smile on your face.

Dr Jason Pang

Dentist, Practice Owner, Father, Teacher

Dr Jason Pang

Jason grew up in a dental surgery, and not because he was always getting his teeth fixed.

His father was a dentist, and although he learned the family business from a young age, he wandered away from dentistry to begin with.

First of all completing a degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Technology, Sydney, and then an Honours thesis on Cardiac Arrhythmia drugs.

His entrepreneurial streak led him to set up a business in the visualisation and Virtual Reality space, and then, eventually, he was drawn back to dentistry. After finishing his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from The University of Sydney, Jason worked in the family dental clinic for five years, before it was time to set out on his own once again.


He continued his training, always learning so you would never have to go to separate specialists. Everything could be done under one roof at Cosmic Smile, from teeth whitening to smile makeovers, dental implants, gum and periodontal treatment, even surgery if required.

Then he kept looking for new ways to improve the service to his patients. Driven by his love of technology Dr. Jason Pang sought out a wide variety of new techniques, and ways of treating patients, that had simply never existed before. And when he discovered laser dentistry, everything changed.

Laser dentistry now allows him to complete most restorative dentistry with virtually no pain, and little to no anaesthetic. He can perform single visit root canals, non-surgical periodontal treatments, and even help you with snoring, cold sores, tongue tie and a range of other issues not normally associated with dentistry.

He’d already been called ‘The Smile Architect’, and now he was known as an ‘Oral Healer’ too. His mastery of laser dentistry combined with is ongoing personal development means he’s now in demand all over the world as a teacher of advanced dentistry techniques.

As a member of the Australian Academy of Laser Dentistry, he helps research and inform fellow members of best practice laser treatments, and he’s available to help you, right now, at his neutral bay dental clinic in Sydney.

Dr Jason Pang of Cosmic Smile

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I like to stay fit and have fun with tennis and basketball, and doing obstacle courses as well believe it or not! Spending time with the family is number one, however, and with two boys at home they keep us pretty busy.

What’s your favourite smile?

My wife’s. Sorry but it’s true, and I can see it in our beautiful boys too.

Qualifications & Training

Game Changers Entrepreneurs book

Game Changers:
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Natalia Matronitsky

Dental Hygienist, Laser Specialist, Dental Therapist

Natalia Matronitsky - Dental Hygienist

Natasha has been with Cosmic Smile almost from the start, and now she’s one of the most highly trained dental therapists in Australia. With a Bachelor of Oral Health from Adelaide University, and years of additional training under her belt, she’s also qualified to treat children and adults.


Natalia has been trained to use the dental laser to treat gum disease, help patients with their snoring, maintain orthodontic patients and even do fillings and extractions. 


She’s a rare talent who continues to increase her education, and we’re very fortunate to have her with us. As are all of our patients who frequently comment on how relaxed, and at ease she made them feel.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I like to meet different people, inspire them and help them achieve their dreams. I like to read or listen to inspirational books too. I also like trying different foods, going for long walks, and travelling to experience different cultures.

What’s your favourite smile?

The smile that is sincere and warm, the smile that you can see in the eyes, the smile that connects to the inner-person within.

Qualifications & Training

BOH (Adel) – Bachelor of Oral Health – Adelaide University


Practice Manager


Nadine is our Practice Manager and looks after the running of the practice. She is also a qualified dental assistant with many years of experience and started with us in October 2007. Nadine has a very warm and friendly personality and enjoys putting patients at ease and making the experience as pleasant as possible.