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SNAP Simulation Software

Cosmic Smile Dental is able to instantly create a simulated image of how you would look after receiving any one of our revolutionary and pain free treatment options.

Simply allow us to take a picture of your smile so we can let you see how fantastic you would look after teeth whitening, a correction to a chipped or missing tooth and even straightened teeth. Our cutting edge technology can simulate whitened, veneered or replaced teeth.

At Cosmic Smile Dental your smile is ready for instant simulation. Turning that simulation into a reality can be done with minimal discomfort affordably (especially with one of our flexible payment options) and quickly.

Minor gums infections can be treated by ultrasonic and ozone cleaning with a hygienist, but more serious stages of gum disease usually need specialist care with a periodontist. Many times this involves surgery that can be costly and traumatic. The good news is with lasers we can offer more conservative and non-surgical treatment for moderate to serious gum disease. We work closely with a local periodontist to ensure that if results are not achieved with the laser that they are able to assist.

Laser gum disease treatment does not involve cutting and sutures. It is much less invasive, usually painless and without swelling. Healing and recovery are very fast and you don’t need to take extra days off work. This will save you time and money.

before and after Laser gum disease treatment
before and after Laser gum disease treatment 2
before and after Laser gum disease treatment 3
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