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Tongue tie

Tongue tie release without surgery.

Tongue tie in a baby is bad enough, without having to put them through conventional surgery to resolve it. But now you can use laser treatment for tongue tie instead, you don’t have to.

What is tongue tie?

A condition where a baby’s tongue can’t move properly, making it extremely difficult to breastfeed. There are a variety of forms of tongue tie, and all can be resolved with laser treatment.

Anterior tongue tie

Caused by a short frenulum, which is the piece of skin under your tongue that attached it to the floor of your mouth.

Posterior tongue tie, or submucosal tongue tie

This kind of tongue tie prevents the tongue from lifting upwards, and makes it look like your child has a short tongue.

Upper lip tie

This is where there’s an attachment of skin preventing the upper lip from moving properly, holding the lip in place against the gum, and it often results in blistering. This tie can create a gap between the front teeth and make cleaning them very uncomfortable for the child.

How do you treat tongue tie?

Conventional Surgery

Until recently, the only way to deal with tongue tie was release the frenulum with conventional surgery. The operation is rather traumatic, requires stitches and can take a long time to heal.

Tongue tie laser procedure

Now we can treat all kinds of tongue tie, in babies and adults, with a laser frenectomy procedure. We target the tissue precisely with the laser, and almost painlessly remove the problem. There is minimal bleeding afterwards, no sutures and hardly any discomfort. 

Babies hardly feel it, children can go to school the day after, and adults can go back to work the same day. And babies who previously had issues with breast feeding, will be able to suckle immediately afterwards.

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