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Welcome to the Game Changers, where I have the pleasure of introducing you to five ‘small business’ owners, who in their own way. have ‘Changed the Game’ in their individual industries to make a bigger impact and lead the way for innovative change.

Jason Pang, has combined his love of cutting edge technology with his passion to deliver high quality dentistry. He now travels the world teaching other dentists how to deliver higher quality services in their practices. In his chapter Jason shares how he’s turned the dentist industry upside down.

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Nine News story on NightLase laser treatment by Dr Jason Pang

24th June 2016

A Nine News crew came in to interview a patient and myself about the NightLase laser snoring treatment. They were interested to see whether it worked and spoke to one of our patients that had a successful treatment. After that I was interviewed about the treatment and how it works to stop snoring and help patients and their partners sleep better. They also got some footage of the laser in action. About 40 min of footage resulted in a 2 min segment. Enjoy!

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How To Stop Snoring With New Laser Snoring Treatment

The fitness and wellness industries understand the importance of adequate, quality sleep. Snoring impacts about 40% of people leading to disturbed sleep for individuals and their partners. The NightLase anti-snoring treatment helps reduce the duration and volume of snoring without any surgery, anaesthetic, or downtime. Opening of the airways leading to better breathing, improved sleep and better health.

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Dr Pang performing NightLase treatment

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