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Dr Jason Pang in the media

What Is Photobiomodulation? An expert explains in layman’s terms

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What is Photobiomodulation – Laser Use in Dentistry – Light Therapy Application

Presenter 51 – Jason Pang – Cosmic Smile

The Future Of Dental Care Is Here

The Asian Aesthetic Guide

Game Changers : Entrepreneurs Leading Change


Welcome to the Game Changers, where I have the pleasure of introducing you to five ‘small business’ owners, who in their own way. have ‘Changed the Game’ in their individual industries to make a bigger impact and lead the way for innovative change.

Jason Pang, has combined his love of cutting edge technology with his passion to deliver high quality dentistry. He now travels the world teaching other dentists how to deliver higher quality services in their practices. In his chapter Jason shares how he’s turned the dentist industry upside down.

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