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What Is Oral Biofilm And How Can You Improve It?

21 June 2023

In this video interview, Cosmic Smile Laser Dental dentist Dr Jason Pang explains what an oral biofilm is and why it’s so important to get it tested. He also talks about the importance of our oral health and how looking after our oral health is vital to looking after the rest of our body as well.

Dr Pang says that rinsing with ozonated water may be a useful therapy for improving our oral biofilm.

Dr Jason Pang Talks Dental Lasers

13 October 2022

An enthusiastic user of dental lasers in his practice, Dr Jason Pang is also a teacher and advocate of this cutting-edge technology. By Frank Leggett

Dr Jason Pang in Bite Magazine

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INTERVIEW: Dental PBM with Dr. Jason Pang

03 June 2022

Join Dr. Rountree and Dr. Jason Pang as they talk about the use of PBM in dentistry and how it is helpful in healing wounds, cold sores, TMJ, Bell’s Palsy, Burning Mouth, and more.

Dr. Pang is a dentist and PMB practitioner in Neutral Bay, near Sydney, Australia. Dr. Pang completed his degree in Biomedical Science in 1994 from the University of Technology, Sydney, and then completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Sydney in 2002. He performs laser dentistry as well as PBM at his dental clinic, Cosmic SMile Laser Dental, and also is involved with Laser Therapy Sydney, a specialized PBM center. He is also a trainer for Fotona Lasers.

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Healthy Living Interview with Jason Pang – April 24th

02 May 2022

Dr Jason Pang was invited to talk about photobiomodulation therapy for the treatment of wounds, ulcers and neuropathic pain conditions. The interview was recorded live on Sydney 2Gb radio on the show Healthy Living hosted by cardiologist Dr Ross Walker.

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