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Are Invisalign Braces Worth It?

invisalign braces in Sydney

In the past, if you wanted to get your teeth aligned correctly, your only choice was to wear metal braces on your teeth for up to four years. Due to incredible advancements in orthodontist surgery and practices, there are many new methods to follow! Invisalign offers a less intrusive and invisible way to realign your teeth, but are they worth it for you? We will explore the pros and cons of Invisalign and whether they’re fit for you. (more…)

What happens if you delay getting root canal therapy?

pain from delaying root canal therapy

Nobody wants to go through root canal therapy, but you should not delay your treatment if you begin to feel pain and irritation. Once a dentist detects the symptoms of a root canal, they can reassure you with the best course of action to relieve your pain. Ignoring the pain may end up causing long term damage to your teeth and gums. Here’s what can happen if you neglect to get root canal therapy for too long.


Here’s How To Take Care of Your New Composite Fillings

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Composite fillings and restorations are used to fill cavities in your teeth to prevent further tooth decay. These fillings are made from solid and durable materials that can last for years if you know how to take care of them. If you want fewer visits to the dentists and more time to enjoy life, here are some things you should do to prolong the life of your new composite fillings.

How long do Composite Fillings last?

Depending on the material of your composite fillings and how well you look after them, they can last from 5 – 25 years. This is a large range, which varies depending on how you take care of your mouth and teeth hygiene. However, it is essential to note that these fillings will never last a lifetime, and will slowly wear down, especially when exposed to harmful bacteria.

Your teeth can be filled with gold, porcelain, silver amalgam (combination of mercury, silver, tin, zinc and copper), tooth-coloured plastic and resin tooth fillings. Some materials contain glass particles and come made from ceramics. The material of your fillings can help determine their lifespan. The longest filling lifespans include gold, silver and ceramics. However, these can be the most expensive to get. Talk to your dentist to determine the best option for your circumstances. You may not need to foot the cost of a porcelain restoration for your teeth. (more…)

What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

dental implant in Sydney

Dental implant surgery should be a relatively straightforward procedure for you to have. Still, you can make the post-surgery healing process even easier by following the instructions given to you by your dentist. Dental implant care and maintenance are vital because your dentist will have the proper steps that you should follow to make your post-procedure experience as easy as possible, ensuring that you feel the least discomfort during the healing process. These instructions are essential for you to follow as your dentist will give you professional advice that has worked for patients in the past and have helped them have good healing experiences. Of course, the last thing you want to do is make it harder or longer for your body to heal after your dental implant surgery procedure, so here are some things to expect after your surgery. 


How To Prepare For Dental Sedation

Patient having Dental sedation in Sydney

Dental sedation is something that you may have to deal with if you suffer from tooth pain that needs urgent care or removal. This is done to help you not feel the painful procedure, making it a better experience for you. For patients, dental sedation in Sydney is an option for anyone needing dental care. Here are some valuable tips to help prepare you for dental sedation before your appointment. 


Wisdom Tooth Surgery and Extraction- Tips for a Better Recovery

Tooth removal services
Anyone who has had a toothache knows that it is a painful experience, but when that ache starts to come from your wisdom teeth, this may lead to ongoing pain. The bad wisdom tooth pain you are feeling can lead to your wisdom teeth’ surgical removal. This may include one or multiple of your wisdom teeth, depending on your situation. This surgery will be performed by a wisdom tooth extraction dentist who specialises in the removal of your wisdom teeth and helps you recover from this pain.