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Early detection, disease prevention.

A decade ago we were just beginning to recognise the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body – but now the link is clear, and we can even help maintain your general health, with a variety of new dental treatments too. It’s a far cry from the dentists you grew up with, we can assure you.

Bacteria and Inflammation, the cause of most of the problems.

Your mouth carries wide range of bacteria and most are good for you, however when they’re out of balance, problems can arise. The ‘periodontal’ layer underneath your tooth acts as a barrier to these bacteria, but it degrades when you get gum disease, and the infection can enter your blood stream.

Bacterial screening and infection prevention

To monitor and address any issues with the bacteria in your mouth, we’ll take an oral bacterial screening of your mouth when you visit. It’s painless, takes less than a minute, and allows us to determine if any further action needs to be taken. Treatments like irrigation with antibacterial ozone, Airflow hygiene, ultrasonic cleaning and laser disinfection can all play their part.

Oral health and cancer

Oral cancer kills about 800 Australians every year, however it’s one of the cancers with a high survival rate, if detected early enough. And that’s exactly what we can do with the Velscope lesion detection system. The Velscope also provides early signs of infections, tumours and a range of other lesions that can all be manage much easier, if caught early.
If you’ve ever been a smoker, we’d highly recommend getting an oral cancer screening.

Oral health and the brain, kidneys and lungs

These same bacteria can also increase your chance of having a stroke, and forces your  kidneys to work harder as infection runs unchecked through your body. Dental plaque can even spread to your lungs and cause pneumonia and bronchitis.

Oral health and heart disease

Periodontal diseases is localised inflammation. If the mouth’s protective barrier is breached, because of the gum disease, then bacteria and other toxins can enter the blood stream, making matters even worse. This leads to low-grade systemic inflammation that can enhance the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

We’ve always known keeping your teeth in good order was a good thing to do, but we never knew how important it was until recently.

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