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Smile Makeover

Australians are finally beginning to notice the link between clean, healthy teeth and the self-confidence that allows them to smile freely among other people. People who are conscious of the way their teeth look are likely to not appear as friendly in social settings because they are afraid to smile. At Cosmic Smile Dental, our team is ready and waiting for you when you decide to change the way you look and feel about your smile and yourself.

Over time, teeth naturally become stained, worn, or even chipped and misaligned. Our youthful white smile can transform in to one that is aged and broken down. The longer you wait to address issues such as broken, crooked, or missing teeth, the more involved the needs become and the more self-conscious you feel about yourself.

Why Do My Teeth Change?

Every person’s smile is different and so are the factors that affect the appearance of their teeth.

Some people experience:

Allow Us To Improve Your Smile and Boost Your Self Esteem!

At Cosmic Smile Dental, our state of the art dental facility run by Dr. Jason Pang and his experienced team can offer a wide array of cosmetic dental services in Sydney to patients that want to experience a beautiful, healthy smile. Cosmetic treatment plans restore the natural function of your teeth while also improving the way the teeth look. Every patient’s plan is different, but most treatments revolve a combination of different aesthetic procedures such as:

Porcelain Veneers: Lumineers porcelain veneers are ideal for patients with healthy teeth, but just want to improve the appearance of their smile. Veneers do not alter existing tooth structure, and simply create the appearance of white, straight teeth in the front of the mouth. They are easy to perform, with no uncomfortable injections or preparation, and provide instant results.

Teeth Whitening: Patients can choose between take-home professional whitening kits and in-office laser whitening and Cosmic Smile Dental. In-office whitening produces dramatic results in just a single appointment and is perfect for a wedding, job interview, special event, or if you just don’t want to hassle with a daily whitening routine. Teeth treated with in-office ZOOM! Whitening are up to 8 shades whiter following the one hour treatment.

Take-home whitening uses a custom moulded dental tray and professional whitening gel to lighten your teeth over the course of several days. The trays prevent whitening solutions from coming into contact with delicate gum tissue, and provide a close contact with the whitener directly with the teeth. Take home trays are also ideal for touching up your whitening every 3-6 months to maintain a beautiful smile. Custom whitening trays should be worn approximately one hour per day until the desired shade is achieved.

Bonding: If you have minor tooth irregularities such as worn or broken teeth, bonding is a preferred treatment method that restores the tooth while also making it appear healthy again. Bonding requires gentle preparation of the tooth before an enamel coloured resin is shaped onto the area that needs to be repaired. After being set and polished, bonded areas blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.

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These are just a small sample of the cosmetic dental services that we provide to our patients. Other options include Snap-On Smiles and Invisalign. We help patients by providing them with a permanent solution for their dental problems. Let us help you achieve a smile that will last for a lifetime. Contact Cosmic Smile Dental today.