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EMS Airflow
Prophylaxis Master

Your teeth will feel the cleanest they have ever been!

Airflow is a revolutionary, non-contact form of dental maintenance. It projects a controlled stream of air, water and very fine powder onto the tooth and into hard to reach areas to dislodge plaque, discoloration and stains.


Advantages of using the EMS Airflow

The Airflow will change the way you feel about dental hygiene. In the past we used cold water and an ultrasonic scaler to remove build-up on your teeth. This can cause sensitivity on your teeth. The new Airflow technology improves your hygiene experience by warming the water to 40 degrees celsius.

Together with the warm water, a fine powder is sprayed to remove the soft plaque on the teeth know as biofilm. This powder-water-air combination removes the decay and gum disease causing bacteria without the instrument ever touching your teeth! So not only is your clean more comfortable, it is more effective.

This new technique of teeth cleaning is known as Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).

This first involves painting a harmless coloured dye onto the teeth which physically stains the bacteria in 3 different colours as seen in the photos below.

  • The pink staining is bacteria that has only been on the tooth surface for roughly 24hrs
  • The dark blue staining is bacteria that has been on the tooth surface for longer than 24hrs
  • The light blue staining is acid-producing plaque which is a high risk for causing cavities

Once this dye is applied to the teeth you will be able to see where you may need to pay more attention with your cleaning. Our highly trained dental therapist can recommend cleaning aids to improve cleaning in those hard to reach areas.

The Airflow machine will then be used to remove all the stained biofilm and softer mineralised deposits. Only then will the the ultrasonic scaler be used to remove any hard deposits on the teeth known as tartar or calculus. This new therapy will maximise teeth cleanliness and minimise any discomfort.

Before Guided Biofilm Therapy

Before disclosing solution is used.

Before Guided Biofilm Therapy 1

Disclosing dye shows new (pink) and old (blue) biofilm on the teeth.

Before Guided Biofilm Therapy 2

Adherent biofilm has been removed with gentle Airflow technology.

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