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and Live Biofilm Testing

Periodontal Health
Periodontal Health is essential for the general health of all patients

“People with genetic risk factors that make them susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s Disease should be extremely concerned about gum disease”

We call our program Perio-Max. That stands for maximum protection against the dangers of periodontal (gum disease). With all of the latest medical research linking oral health to overall health, we are taking a leadership position in the education, prevention, early diagnosis, and aggressive treatment of gum disease.

We are one of the first dental practices in the region to utilise phase contrast microscopy as an important educational and diagnostic tool. We sample a small amount of plaque from under your gumline and show the live bacteria to you on a video monitor. It is painless, takes less than a minute, and there is no additional charge for it. It is included in your first examination fee.

bacterial screening

From this sample we can determine the motility of the bacteria, the overall bacterial load and if there are opportunistic pathogens that can be a cause of disease. These bacteria can travel through the bloodstream to cause disease in other organ systems and can be a source of chronic inflammation.

healthy vs. unhealthy mouth
bacteria can travel through the bloodstream

Through our Perio-Max program we will show you how to improve your home care and also provide treatment options like irrigation with antibacterial ozone, Airflow hygiene, ultrasonic cleaning and laser disinfection.

mouth connection with body
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