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The Safe Way to Whiten Your Teeth

effective teeth whitening methods in Sydney
27 March 2019

Everybody notices white teeth. It’s a great way to freshen your appearance and it even takes years off you your appearance and let’s face it,  who doesn’t want to look younger. With white teeth you’re more inclined to smile and a happy face makes for a younger face.

With the advent of hydrogen peroxide formulas, over the counter tooth whitening products became increasingly popular. Toothpastes, whitening kits, and stain removing agents are now widely available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Even though hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective whitening agent, when applied in the form of anti staining toothpastes they don’t do a lot to whiten your teeth and as cleaning agents, they do more damage than good. They often cause tissue burns, tooth sensitivity, and if they’re used with a firm hand or a hard bristled brush, they can affect the enamel on your teeth. And they don’t offer any additional cavity protection.

Cosmic Smile Dentistry are specialists in teeth bleaching and teeth whitening methods.  The most popular method is  in-office laser whitening. It produces immediate results. To prevent damage to your teeth and gums, a protective barrier gel is applied to your gums to protect them followed by a specially formulated whitening product to your teeth. Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are the active ingredients in these gels. As oxygen penetrates into the enamel, stains from deep within the tooth are broken down and lifted from the teeth.

Cosmic Smile Dentistry also provide a less expensive ‘teeth whitening at home,’ home whitening kit that achieves fantastic results but whitens over a longer period of time. Dr. Pang creates a custom fitted professional whitening trays that access your tooth surfaces in hard-to-reach areas, while also protecting your delicate gingival tissues. You are given a whitening gel to take home and over the next 10-14 days, if used as suggested, you will achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

There are a number of old fashioned home remedies that people use to whiten their teeth. Most of them are ineffectual at best and damaging to your teeth at worst.

Lemon juice is citric acid which removes calcium from your teeth. Exposing your teeth to lemon will cause damage almost immediately. It’s an even worse idea to combine lemon juice with baking soda. Using baking soda, either on its own or with lemon juice, will erode the enamel from your teeth and do little to whiten them.

One of the oldest myths is that apples are both good for your teeth and good for whitening your teeth. Sadly, neither is true and like lemons and also strawberries (another myth), they are more likely to cause acid based damage than provide any meaningful whitening.

Probably the most effective old fashioned remedy for teeth whitening is the combination of salt and water or salt and cider vinegar. While they may be responsible for some teeth whitening the negatives outweigh the positives to the extent that you should avoid both. An abrasive compound like salt and the acidic impact of cider vinegar will soon cause decay and increased sensitivity so again, it’s not a viable whitening solution.

Some people also advocate the use of a paste or a “rub” of sea salt combined with water or even an acid, such as cider vinegar, to whiten teeth. The use of abrasive compounds along with the acid-based vinegar will probably brighten teeth a bit, but no more so than a commercial application. Plus, with repeated use of the salt/vinegar paste, you will experience tooth damage through decay or increased sensitivity.

The biggest problem with home remedies is that they are not proven, there is no recommended dosage or mixture nor is there any documented evidence to suggest that they work and don’t do damage.

However, you can enjoy a sparkling smile every single day of the week if you contact Cosmic Smile Dentistry and ask about their revolutionary tooth whitening techniques.