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Why visit a cosmetic dentist?

28 April 2011

All dentistry should be done to create healthy, strong teeth and usually makes teeth look better. And all dentists can prepare a tooth for a filling, crown or veneer. Does that make every dentist a cosmetic dentist? Not quite. Is cosmetic dentistry just doing good dentistry? Well it can be but not always.

Very often a patient needs to have a filling done and but they are interested in doing teeth whitening later on. However, what they don’t realise is that once the filling is done it does not change colour. So doing a filling that matches perfectly to the tooth may be a complete waste because the patient is not longer able to whiten their teeth. This is something that happens daily.

The best thing about dentistry today is that there are many options available to achieve a beautiful smile. Some options take longer than others, while others are more expensive. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the cosmetic dentist has an understanding of all the available options that a patient can choose from. And that the patient has an understanding of what they want the final result to look like. Matching the treatment plan to a patients aesthetic, financial and emotional needs is what is going to make the end result a success.

More recently there has been a move towards minimally invasive dentistry. Minimally Invasive dentistry is green dentistry because in many cases the best restoration is the least destructive one or one that is reversible. So while every dentist can cut a tooth, so many options nowadays involves leaving the teeth alone.
For example:

Misaligned teeth – You could but all the teeth down to stumps and crown them all, but you could also use Invisalign to straighten them, Lumineers to camouflage them or Snap-On Smile to cover them.

Missing teeth – Cut the neighbouring teeth to an create a bridge or have a denture, but you could have it restored with an implant, use Snap-It! to restore a few teeth, or use Snap-on Smile to restore an entire smile

Chipped or stained teeth – Once again, you could crown them but with Lumineers the teeth may not need to be cut down at all, and Snap-On Smile will give you that perfect smile instantly

Gummy smiles – cut the gums with a scalpel, or have them recontoured with a dental laser with much faster healing and more predictable results

Many dentists just don’t know that these options exist so they keep on doing what they have always done. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out what your options are without having to spend a fortune getting study models taken and an albums worth of photos taken?
Well you can, we are Sydney cosmetic dentists. Come visit us for a FREE Smile Makeover Consult and I can give you all the options. That consult won’t cost you anything and you’ll have a full mouth scan (OPG) bulk-billed to take to your own dentist if you don’t like your options. Give us a call on 02 9904 2880 to arrange an appointment at our Neutral Bay office.