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Dental laser makes complex dentistry easy

09 March 2011

I really love my dental laser. I honestly could not practice dentistry without it any more. It is every bit as important as my dental drill but much more versatile. The Hoya Versawave dental laser that I have is classed as a hard and soft tissue dental laser which means that I can remove decayed dental tissue from teeth, remove excess bone but also cut gum tissue with minimal trauma and extremely fast healing times.

In the last few days, I’ve used the dental laser for just about everything that it can do. I used the dental laser to irrigate and clean a root canal system for a one-visit endodontic treatment, for cutting back gums before placement of a dental crown, did gum surgery to remove a sliver of broken tooth, performed several laser tongue tie surgeries on children from 13 days to 6 months old, used the dental laser to treat a cold sore, and also used the dental laser to recontour bone before denture placement having previously removed tissue folds that prevented a denture from being placed at all! Whew!

About the only two things I did not do this week was a gum lift for a gummy smile or remove a growth around the mouth. Here is a list of some of the benefits that laser dentistry has over conventional dentistry:

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • • Laser dentistry means the patient is more comfortable and does not feel the pressure of the dental drill and does not hear the typical whine
  • • Laser dentistry means less anaesthetic is required and sometimes none at all
  • • Laser dentistry allows for selective removal of decayed dental tissues meaning more conservative, minimally invasive dental treatment
  • • Laser dentistry means less bleeding and less swelling because the ‘laser’ would is sterile and cauterised
  • • Laser dentistry means quicker healing because there is less tissue traumatised by the dental procedure

So, you can see why I love the dental laser and use it everyday. But more importantly, you can see why my patients love the laser and ask for it when they come in. If you need some dental treatment, chances are you will get to the dental laser experience. Give us a call on 9904 2880 and we can arrange a consultation.

Dr Jason Pang is a laser dentist in Neutral Bay, Sydney.