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The Snoring Remedies That Really Work

sleeping with a snoring partner
30 June 2019

The Snore

Snoring is fairly common for human beings. Not everyone snores and not all snorers snore every night.  Some snorers are quiet and some are very, very loud. Unfortunately, the snorer is often not disturbed by their own snoring where it typically falls to those affected by sleepless nights lying awake listening to the dull roar next to them,  to seek a solution. In most cases snoring is not considered dangerous although a snorer is wise to seek advice on what it causing louder than usual slumber and whether their nighttime resonance could be a sign of impaired breathing or sleep apnoea.  Both the later conditions affect the health of the snorer and in some cases can be high risk, so are worth checking with your doctor.

Volume and Pitch

While there is nothing to suggest that men are physically more prone to snoring, most women would deny they snore for the engendered masculinity that it attracts. Most people are aware they snore particularly if it is keeping someone else in the household awake as it can create what seems to be unreasonable animosity in those who have to listen to the nighttime roar, even though it is an unconscious act.  Sorting out your snoring will be the fastest solution to providing your family with their requisite amount of high-quality daily sleep and ensure a peaceful evening for everyone. Where you may prefer to deny your snore you may find you are suddenly awoken by your unhappy bedfellows if your pitch wakes the neighbours.

There is a solution

There are methods available to stop snoring immediately.  New techniques arrive on the market daily, some of them spurious and more suited to the superstitious but there are others which offer immediate relief for the chronic snorer and their party of insomniacs. Nightlase Laser Snoring Treatment is a non-invasive treatment offered to snorers to adjust the physiology of their nasal passages and soft pallet to ensure that while completely relaxed (asleep) their intake of breath makes its way unobstructed through the airways.

Laser Treatments

In recent years many dental clinics have invested in laser technology for the treatment of oral related complaints, so you can access a range of snoring solutions in Sydney. The beauty industry has also benefited from the reduction in the price of laser technology to now be able to offer affordable treatments for everyday concerns, at a fraction of the price of years gone by.  Much like computers, the innovation of laser technology and its increased use has meant the cost and size of machines have both reduced. Medical procedures which would previously have been considered extreme or dramatic can now be performed in a clinic and clients can return home within the hour.

How it works

NIghtlase Laser Treatments for snoring work by gently tightening the soft tissue at the back of the throat which can obstruct your airways while lying down.  The treatment is usually offered over three sessions and while you will feel an immediate improvement in the firmness of your soft pallet, your snoring will reduce over a month to a remarkable degree.  Nightlase Laser Snoring Treatment reviews espouse the value, ease and effect of the treatment available at the Cosmic Smile Clinic and will fill you with confidence that the age-old common snore can be largely resolved by this simple procedure.