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What happens if you delay getting root canal therapy?

pain from delaying root canal therapy
14 June 2021

Nobody wants to go through root canal therapy, but you should not delay your treatment if you begin to feel pain and irritation. Once a dentist detects the symptoms of a root canal, they can reassure you with the best course of action to relieve your pain. Ignoring the pain may end up causing long term damage to your teeth and gums. Here’s what can happen if you neglect to get root canal therapy for too long.

An infection will continue to spread

In most circumstances, you will know when you need a root canal when a tooth is infected. Teeth are packed with nerves, and when a tooth is infected, you’ll feel sharp pain. Many causes contribute to an infected tooth, and when they’re left untreated, you may one day wake up to excruciating pain and need urgent dental treatment. Not only can this affect one tooth, but it can also begin to degrade other teeth, gums and lead to a pulp tooth infection, all affecting your overall oral health. If one tooth is suffering, other teeth may also be affected if your dental hygiene is poor. The good news is, the laser endodontic treatment efficiently repairs your teeth in one visit, with no injections.

Pain continues to worsen

A tooth infection will slowly grow over time. Have you ever felt pain in a tooth, then it went away after some time? Your body may have gotten used to the pain, but the symptoms continue to worsen without you knowing. Tooth problems can continue to develop for years without feeling any pain until you get to a point where the pain becomes unbearable and won’t go away. If you notice signs of needing a root canal, it’s better to get it done sooner than later, as in some cases, your tooth may not be salvageable.

Teeth won’t heal themselves

Unlike a cut or bruise, the body can’t heal teeth and fight against tooth infection over time. Your only options are to either ignore the pain or get it treated as soon as you can. The best way to treat infections or injuries like chipping is to have a professional endodontic dentist work with you.

You may have a more difficult dental procedure

All dental procedures aim to inflict little to no pain in their clients. Root canal treatment is a procedure where you usually don’t feel pain, but you must be prepared for dental sedation. If you have never experienced this before, your dentist will talk you through everything they’re doing to ensure a safe and successful treatment.

Dental procedures don’t need to be daunting. For the smoothest laser root canal therapy in Sydney, talk to Cosmic Smile today.