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Cosmic Smile Dental is located in Neutral Bay on the North Shore of Sydney.

We are committed to providing the best that restorative, preventive and cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

We aim to provide the highest level of customer service and consider your satisfaction the greatest measure of our success. Our dedicated team looks forward to welcoming you into our office and establishing a long lasting, friendly, personalised relationship based on trust.

Cosmetic dentistry

All dentistry is done to create healthier teeth but  Cosmetic Dentistry combines art and science to provide comprehensive oral care. As a cosmetic dentist, health, beauty and function is core to our philosophy.
At Cosmic Smile Dental we aim to create beautiful, healthy smiles with the highest levels of patient care. This means that while the health of the patient is paramount, we can also give a patient back their confidence to smile using the most appropriate and minimally invasive restorations.

The best thing about cosmetic dentistry today is that there are many options available to achieve a beautiful smile. Some options take longer than others, while others are more expensive. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the cosmetic dentist has an understanding of all the available options that a patient can choose from. And that the patient has an understanding of what they want the final result to look like. Matching the treatment plan to a patients aesthetic, financial and emotional needs is what is going to make the end result a success.

At our cosmetic dentistry practice, we utilise the very latest technology, techniques and materials for the ideal long-term result. Everything from single tooth restorations to full edentulous mouths are possible with the our technology. Careful treatment planning allows us to conserve tooth structure, minimising discomfort while creating a beautiful smile.

In the past, creating beautiful smiles meant removing precious tooth structure. More recently there has been a move towards minimally invasive dentistry. Minimally Invasive dentistry is green dentistry because in many cases the best restoration is the least destructive one or one that is reversible. So while every dentist can cut a tooth, so many options nowadays involves leaving the teeth alone.

For example: 

Misaligned teeth – You could but all the teeth down to stumps and crown them all, but you could also use Invisalign to straighten them, Lumineers to camouflage them or Snap-On Smile to cover them

Missing teeth – Cut the neighbouring teeth to an create a bridge or have a denture, but you could have it restored with an implant, use Snap-It! to restore a few teeth, or use Snap-on Smile to restore an entire smile

Chipped or stained teeth – Once again, you could crown them but with Lumineers the teeth may not need to be cut down at all, and Snap-On Smile will give you that perfect smile instantly

Gummy smiles – cut the gums with a scalpel, or have them recontoured with a dental laser with much faster healing and more predictable results

Please visit our Galleries to view examples of our work, all of which our own patients.