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Game Changers : Entrepreneurs Leading Change


Welcome to the Game Changers, where I have the pleasure of introducing you to five ‘small business’ owners, who in their own way. have ‘Changed the Game’ in their individual industries to make a bigger impact and lead the way for innovative change.

Jason Pang, has combined his love of cutting edge technology with his passion to deliver high quality dentistry. He now travels the world teaching other dentists how to deliver higher quality services in their practices. In his chapter Jason shares how he’s turned the dentist industry upside down.

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Nine News story on NightLase laser treatment by Dr Jason Pang

24th June 2016

A Nine News crew came in to interview a patient and myself about the NightLase laser snoring treatment. They were interested to see whether it worked and spoke to one of our patients that had a successful treatment. After that I was interviewed about the treatment and how it works to stop snoring and help patients and their partners sleep better. They also got some footage of the laser in action. About 40 min of footage resulted in a 2 min segment. Enjoy!

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How To Stop Snoring With New Laser Snoring Treatment

The fitness and wellness industries understand the importance of adequate, quality sleep. Snoring impacts about 40% of people leading to disturbed sleep for individuals and their partners. The NightLase anti-snoring treatment helps reduce the duration and volume of snoring without any surgery, anaesthetic, or downtime. Opening of the airways leading to better breathing, improved sleep and better health.

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Dr Pang performing NightLase treatment

Live demo of dental laser at AADFA Aestheticon conference Sept 2015

Dr Jason Pang, Dr Hisham Abdalla and Dr Lisa Martriste were invited to demonstrate the aesthetic procedures that are possible with the new Lightwalker AT S dental laser at the first Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics AADFA Aestheticon conference. This conference hosted the best speakers in the dental world to focus on the progressive technologies, techniques and materials in regard to aesthetic dentistry.

From the Sirona HQ, the demos on live patients were beamed to The Star where the delegates were gathered. Intraoral tightening for naso-labial folds and marionette lines, lipase lip plumping and NightLase anti-snoring treatment were shown.

Bite Magazine Education Story – Join the leaders in innovation and diversification

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Biowell Compact Disinfection Unit


by Dr Jason Pang, Cosmic Smile Dental, Neutral Bay, NSW

Ozone is nature’s bleach and a natural disinfectant. It kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and it does it very quickly. This unit is mounted on the wall in our sterile area and produces ozonated water on demand.Biowell-CDU

What’s good about it

Dental water lines can contain a huge amount of bacteria if there are no flush and clean protocols in place. This bacteria doesn’t affect most people but if you are dealing with immuno-compromised individuals, it can be dangerous. We decided to see what difference ozonated water makes.

After a weekend, we tested the water in our lines on a Monday morning. The lines were full of bacteria and there was obviously room for improvement. When we flushed the lines with ozonated water and used ozonated water throughout the day, the test showed that no bacteria was present.

We also use the ozonated water in a number of other ways. Every patient has a preoperative mouth rinse of ozonated water. For perio patients, we use ozonated water in conjunction with deep ultrasonic scaling. This helps activate the ozone and causes a bacterial killing process. We use it for irrigating endodontic procedures and we flush any perio pockets with the water. We also used it to clean all instruments and wipe down chairs and surfaces.

On top of this, there was an unexpected side effect to using ozonated water. Our dental suite is positioned in a building that doesn’t have underfloor sewage but instead uses a series of pumps. There was one drain in the lab that always smelled bad. The use of ozonated water caused that smell to completely disappear.

What’s not so good

The unit is expensive to purchase. There can also be extra costs depending on the set-up of the surgery and whether the unit is plumbed into the water lines of the dental chair.

Where did you get it

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