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Wisdom Tooth Surgery and Extraction- Tips for a Better Recovery

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28 February 2021

Anyone who has had a toothache knows that it is a painful experience, but when that ache starts to come from your wisdom teeth, this may lead to ongoing pain. The bad wisdom tooth pain you are feeling can lead to your wisdom teeth’ surgical removal. This may include one or multiple of your wisdom teeth, depending on your situation. This surgery will be performed by a wisdom tooth extraction dentist who specialises in the removal of your wisdom teeth and helps you recover from this pain.
Healing from your tooth removal will take a few weeks, with the area itself taking a few months to heal fully. Here are some helpful tips to consider when dealing with your wisdom teeth removal to minimise your wisdom teeth removal recovery time.

1. Prepare before your wisdom tooth extraction 

It is essential to be ready before your wisdom tooth surgery to have an easier time recovering after it. You will want to make sure you have a safe way to get home, whether that be a family member or friend that can pick you up after your surgery and safely take you home. You will also need to stock up on food that you can eat after the surgery. You do not want to excessively chew as it will hurt and slow down your healing time, so it is best to have soft foods and avoid hard foods. Consider eating things like porridge, jelly, soup and mashed potatoes. When considering foods, you do not want them to be too hot as this can cause issues during healing. When in doubt and unsure about what to eat and what to avoid, it is best to ask your wisdom tooth extraction dentist as they can provide information on what foods are good and bad during recovery from your wisdom tooth surgery. 

2. Rest after your wisdom tooth extraction 

To help minimise your wisdom teeth removal recovery time, you need to give your body time to heal after your procedure. The more time you give to resting, the easier it will be for your body to recover. You will want to spend the following days after your procedure resting at home. You do not want to do any strenuous activities while you are healing from the surgery.  

3. Look after the healing area by following the tips from your dentist

Wisdom tooth extraction is painful even after the initial surgery, so you may want to have medicine on hand to ease the pain afterwards. It will also help rinse your mouth out after you eat. This is a helpful tip that most wisdom teeth dentist specialists will tell you to do. After the surgical removal of your wisdom teeth, your dentist will give you a list to follow after the procedure to ensure minimal recovery time and give you an overall good healing experience. But rest assured, they will be able to help with any queries about your wisdom teeth extraction, the healing process and any other related questions you might have about the surgery. Following their advice will be the best way to ensure that you have a speedy recovery and good experience. You will be feeling less discomfort, and your wisdom tooth pain will become a thing of the past.