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What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

dental implant in Sydney
28 April 2021

Dental implant surgery should be a relatively straightforward procedure for you to have. Still, you can make the post-surgery healing process even easier by following the instructions given to you by your dentist. Dental implant care and maintenance are vital because your dentist will have the proper steps that you should follow to make your post-procedure experience as easy as possible, ensuring that you feel the least discomfort during the healing process. These instructions are essential for you to follow as your dentist will give you professional advice that has worked for patients in the past and have helped them have good healing experiences. Of course, the last thing you want to do is make it harder or longer for your body to heal after your dental implant surgery procedure, so here are some things to expect after your surgery. 

There are different dental implants out there, and your surgery’s circumstances can impact how long your healing time is. This can include how many teeth you get extracted or where the extraction is located in your mouth. Your overall health could also influence it and how long it takes your body to naturally heal, which is out of your control. But, home care after dental implant surgery can make a difference in how long your recovery time is and how well it goes. After the procedure, you should expect your gums to bleed for roughly the first initial 72 hours post-surgery. This is normal and is simply a symptom of your surgery. You may also see swelling around your cheeks, eyes and mouth areas for the first few initial days too. These are all typical signs of the procedure you just had and is nothing to worry about. It is normal to feel discomfort after the surgery. Your dentist will recommend what you can use to help with any pain you may feel after the surgery, which may include prescribed medication or over the counter pain killers, for example.

You should also expect to take certain precautions after your dental implant surgery. This involves only eating soft foods for the weeks after the surgery. This can include creamy soup, pureed foods, smoothies, any soft food that will not add discomfort to your mouth as it will be sensitive and difficult for you to chew on hard foods at this time. Doing so could disrupt your healing process, so it is important to have soft foods ready for you to eat before your surgery and have a list of soft food you can eat afterwards. After your symptoms disappear and after you can implement harder foods back into your diet, it is important to know that your body is still healing from the surgery. You should not expect your body to be fully recovered after these symptoms and difficulties disappear. 

On the contrary, it can take your body a few months to even a year to fully recover from your procedure. So it is important to practice healthy dental hygiene during this time and remember that your mouth is still returning to its normal state even after the symptoms are gone. But you can be rest assured, once your body is completely healed after your dental implant surgery, you will no longer feel the pain and discomfort felt before your surgery.