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Tips for making Halloween less scary to your child’s teeth

24 October 2015

Each year American’s spend over US$2 billion on confectionary. Trick or treaters will on average consume 144 teaspoons of sugar. Luckily the number is dramatically less in Australia but retailers still see a jump of some 30% in sales of confectionary. With so much information recently on the effects of sugar on our bodies and obesity at an all-time high I hope that parents and their kids would moderate their intake. Products like the Ozospa Alkaline rinse and Vita-Mints are designed to neutralise the acids that are in sour lollies and the sticky candies that stay on children’s teeth.

Here are some tips to help your kids stay a little healthier:
  1. 1. Sugar free gum contains xylitol to combat tooth decay
  2. 2. Eat the candy in one sitting rather than spread out
  3. 3. Teach the kids to eat in moderation
  4. 4. You dispense the candy to the kids
  5. 5. Remind them to rinse with water after snacking
  6. 6. Take time to make sure they brush well