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Forget the drill, everyone loves the laser!

03 October 2012

At Cosmic Smile, we offer laser dentistry.   Laser dentistry is now being used for many treatments including the removal of tooth decay.   The laser is used to remove the decay before a filling is placed in the tooth.

The greatest benefit of laser fillings is that needles and drills are usually not required!  This means no more high-pitched drilling noises and no more numb lips.   Occasionally, we might need to use a drill –  for instance to remove amalgam.  We also offer needless technology especially for those with highly sensitive teeth.   Because lasers are effective in reducing sensitivity, those with sensitive teeth will benefit from reduced sensitivity after the filling.

The reason that lasers are ideal for fillings is that they selectively target and remove the decay. Lasers are more accurate at drilling teeth than conventional drills.  They remove the minimum amount of tooth necessary to perform the filling. Conventional drilling can cause tiny cracks in the tooth – these do not occur with lasers.

Laser fillings take about the same amount of time as a normal filling.  If you require multiple fillings, the laser will actually reduce the amount of time you spend in the dental chair.  Unlike conventional filings, laser fillings can be done in all parts of the mouth during one visit – so your visit is fast and easy.

According to Dr Pang, kids love the laser because they are a bit scared of the drill.  This means that parents can bring their kids in for a check up knowing the kids will have a great experience and be happy to come back!