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New Water Ozonation system installed

New Water Ozonation system
02 December 2011

We’ve just upgraded our water ozonation system to provide continuous ozonated water on demand!

Previously our ozone device generated ozone gas to provide ozonated water at low concentration. Unfortunately it involved bubbling ozone gas into a bottle which was inconvenient and time consuming.

The new electrolytic device is a point of use unit that provides ozonated water to eliminate all known bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast and protozoa (including parasites and amoebae).

With the new system, we can:

  • * Refill dental unit water bottles to counter biofilm build up
  • * Ozonate water as a preprocedural mouth rinse
  • * Use as an irrigant during ultrasonic scaling
  • * Powerfully disinfect hands, surfaces, floors and instruments
  • * Oxygenate drinking water to 20ppm (Normal tap water 5ppm)

“Ozone in water can kill bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms by rapidly rupturing their cell membranes (within several seconds). The same effects occur when dental plaque is exposed to ozonated water as a rinse. Ozonated water has no side-effects such as unpleasant taste or tooth staining, which are characteristic of other biocides or disinfecting agents.”

Professor Laurence Walsh, University of Queensland

With a point of use ozonated water system we are able to take advantage of the the antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties of ozone. When used as a pre-procedural rinse, it will rapidly kill bacteria and other pathogenic organisms in dental plaque by rupturing their cell membranes (within several seconds). And it has no side-effects such as unpleasant taste or tooth staining, which are characteristic of other biocides or disinfecting agents such as chlorhexidine.

Ozonated water can also be used as a sterile irrigation solution for surgery (as it helps reduce bleeding), or as an antimicrobial mouthrinse following tooth extraction. Of interest, ozonated water when used as a daily mouthrinse has been reported to accelerate healing of oral mucosal wounds, particularly when used over the first 48 hours after surgery. The same benefits of accelerated wound closure may be seen when used in patients with oral ulcerations from chemotherapy.

The greater speed of wound closure can be explained by the known positive effects of topical ozone on enhancing the local microcirculation. Known positive biological effects of ozone include improved oxygenation of tissues, quicker healing and accelerating of the immune response to bacteria. Accompanying these effects is an enhancement of natural antioxidant defence systems.

Ozone is also known to stimulate the production of several key cytokines including interleukin 2, 6, 8 and transforming growth factor-beta, and to the attenuate the inflammation driven by bacterial lipopolysaccharides. Recent studies have show that that ozonated water as a mouth rinse can reduce gingivitis in orthodontic patients.

As a topical agent, the use of ozonated water has an excellent safety profile as ozone dissipates quickly and is converted back to diatomic oxygen.

And best of all, these units can be installed in the home to receive all the same benefits! Ask us for more information about the home systems.

Take a look at this video from Biotek about how the system can benefit everyone –  Mint Devices Water Ozonation