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Dental Mini-implants

What are Dental Mini-Implants?

These are narrow diameter titanium fixtures that can be used to replace lost teeth. They act like the root of a tooth but have a retaining component that attaches to a matching retentive element in the base of a denture. These enable the denture to be secure so that talking and eating can be comfortable.

Mini-implants can also be used to replace lower front front (incisors) or upper lateral incisors due to their small size.

Placement of the dental mini implants is accomplished quickly and easily in a process performed in the dentist’s office, with local anesthesia or light sedation to help make you more comfortable. It is a one step procedure that involves minimally invasive surgery, with a faster healing phase than traditional dental implants



Dental Mini-Implants 1
Dental Mini-Implants 2
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