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LUMINEERS : The dentists’ choice

13 April 2011

This week has been a LUMINEERS week. We seemed to have everyone come in for cementing of their LUMINEERS, getting final adjustments or coming in for review. Strange how things work out that way.

So, a dental colleague came to have LUMINEERS cemented. He has had gaps between his teeth, called diastemas, for close to 40 years and has not had any kind of cosmetic dentistry done to restore them previously. He finally chose to have them restored for several reasons:

  1. 1. He has learnt all about LUMINEERS and their placement
  2. 2. He now knows that it is one of the strongest ceramic materials available for restoring teeth
  3. 3. He knows that they have a limited lifetime warranty which gives him peace of mind
  4. 4. His teeth did not have to be shaved which means no temporaries had to be placed, and no sensitivity and nothing irreversible has been done to his teeth
  5. 5. They look great!

My colleague is a cosmetic dentist with years of experience, and I think that the fact that he chose LUMINEERS is a testimony to it being the choice of dentists. He is just one of many dentists I know that have had it done. With all the information and experience that I’ve had, I know that if I needed work like this done I would choose the most minimally invasive, longest lasting technique and would choose LUMINEERS.

Diastemata before restorationDiastemas closed with Lumineers