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Halloween – the season of lollies

29 October 2013

So it’s Halloween on Thursday. Have you got your sweets ready for the kids that are gonna come round? Around where I live, it feels like there are bus loads of kids that come by and we usually give away about a bucket of lollies.


As a dentist and a parent it’s hard to rationalise the amount of lollies and sweets the kids are going to eat. We normally limit our kids to 3 sweets a day. However I don’t want to deny them the Halloween experience. And I prefer that to having them sneak the sweets in their bed or at a time when I can’t monitor them.

Here are some tips for getting your kids through Halloween: 
  • – tell them to choose their 10 favourite lollies
  • – limit the amount of lollies they are allowed to have
  • – eat the lollies as a dessert after a meal
  • – avoid the harder or stickier lollies
  • – get them to drink some water after eating the lollies
  • – make sure they brush twice a day with appropriate toothpaste
  • – get disclosing tablets if you want to check their brushing
Here are some alternatives to giving out lollies:
  • – xylitol lollies
  • – sugar free gum
  • – small bottles of bubbles
  • – Halloween tattoos or stickers, pencils or erasers
  • – monster teeth or vampire fangs
Happy Halloween!