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White Fillings

Modern tooth-shaded white fillings or composite resins are a high-quality material used to rebuild teeth.These composite fillings are the best choice for front teeth and smaller fillings in back teeth.

Porcelain restorations are stronger than composite resins and are non-amalgam fillings. An inlay replaces the inside part of the chewing surface of a tooth while an onlays covers at least one side and tip of a tooth. These restorations help hold the teeth together and strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

All teeth can be restored with composite resins but larger fillings on back teeth may not be able to takes the stresses of daily chewing. The life span of such extensive fillings is therefore limited to around three to six years. This is, of course, dependent on the patient’s oral hygiene. Treatment with ceramic inlays or onlays should therefore always be considered as an alternative to composite.

To have a look at some examples of white fillings take a look at our White Fillings Gallery.

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