Testimonials - Part 2


  • When I first went to Dr Jason Pang, I was in a great deal of pain and was quite worried about having to get a potentially painful root canal procedure.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised when the root canal process proved completely painless, and Jason completely removed all the pain I had otherwise been feeling!

    Jason was also very helpful in identifying upfront that the tooth already had a crack in it and there was a chance that it might later crack further and need to be removed. Unfortunately for me this did later happen. Jason recommended a tooth implant system which allowed the original tooth to be removed, and a brand new tooth (modelled on the shape of the original tooth) put right back into place all in the very same sitting.

    Jason always takes great care in what he does, and he makes sure to let you know exactly what your various options are and exactly what he is doing.

    I have since recommended Jason to a colleague who has later thanked me for introducing him to such a great dentist!

    Michael Drake of Forestville

    Every time someone compliments me on my beautiful smile I am reminded of how grateful I am to Dr Jason Pang – as he is the one responsible for that smile ! For 3 years I had been too embarrassed to smile openly & would often hold a hand in front of my face, & I certainly kept my lips close together for a photograph. My teeth were discoloured & badly ridged, with the base of the tooth exposed – “I was long in the tooth”! Yes, my gums had receded. I am so happy with my new ‘white’ smile.

    My children and I travel a long distance to see Jason as we have all experienced excellent treatment at his gentle & patient hand.

    Kim Lovegove of Bowral

  • I found Jason to be very reliable and caring. I had all of my top teeth removed and my wisdom teeth. Everyone was telling me ‘You’re going to be in so much pain!’

    But from the second the surgery started to the end, I did not feel one bit of pain,
    and even a few days later still no pain! I had been put to sleep for the surgery and the whole thing felt like it took 5min!

    He is one to be trusted and very helpful

    Daniel Martin of Blacktown

  • Thanks for doing a great job with whitening my teeth

    Paul Collins – The Body Coach, Author of books like The Body Coach: Firmer Thighs & Trimmer Waist, Core Strength, Fitness Ball Drills and Strength Training for Women

  • I would like to say congratulations on your very first newsletter, it really looks great! I’m looking forward to reading future ones.

    Also I wanted to thank you and let you know that my first visit at your clinic was everything plus more than I expected. Not only did I receive a dental plan of all the work that I wanted/needed to get done (which allowed me to figure out how much I need to save) but I also received a pleasant surprise with the current special offer you had available!!

    I walked away feeling very positive about my next visit and knew that finally (someday in the very near future) I would be happy with my smile!

    So once again thank you very much and I look forward to my next visit in a couple of weeks (weird…I never thought I’d day that to a dentist!!)

    Wendy Modernell of Guildford