Broken Tooth

A tooth can be broken due to any type a trauma, be it an accidental fall, sports activity, biting on something too hard or being hit in the face. Even poor oral hygiene can cause a tooth to break down and weaken to where it breaks apart. When left untreated, broken teeth can become serious problems that cause a lot of pain, not to mention the cosmetic concern that they also pose. Discomfort and the loss of self confidence from a broken tooth can make you think twice about smiling, but Cosmic Smile Dental can help you get your smile back.

Quick & Painless Broken Tooth Repair

When diagnosed quickly, it is possible to repair the damage of a broken tooth without losing it. Unfortunately, the longer you wait for receiving professional dental are means a fractured tooth will become infected to the point that it may need to be removed. Cosmic Smile Dental is dedicated to helping restore your natural teeth when at all possible, keeping our patient’s smiles intact by using personalized treatment plans.

Cosmic Smile Dental Is Here to Help!

Dr. Jason Pang has years of experience when it comes to saving broken teeth. After your initial consultation or emergency visit, he will propose options and help you decide which treatment is most effective. Common therapies for broken teeth may include treatments such as:

  • Dental Filling/Bonding: This tooth colored dental filling is best for small areas that have been broken. We offer a choice between composite resin and porcelain materials to best fit your aesthetic needs. Bonding is one of the most effective treatments of choice for damage to a front tooth that is seen when you smile. To place the restoration, Dr. Pang will gently condition the enamel before applying and shaping the tooth colored bonding so that it appears as if it were a part of your natural tooth.
  • Dental Crown: Sometimes called a “cap”, crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth above the gumlines. They are typically used for teeth that have had a large fracture due to severe trauma. Crowns protect the internal structure of the tooth from becoming diseased and restore the functional capabilities of the tooth. To place a crown, the remaining tooth is reshaped and an impression is made which is sent to a dental laboratory. Here, your permanent metal or porcelain crown will be made to fit precisely alongside the rest of your teeth. Once finished, Dr. Pang will schedule a 2nd appointment for you to have the crown placed on the tooth permanently. The lifespan of most crowns is meant to last up to 15 years.
  • Lumineers: Dental veneers are effective at making a cracked or broken tooth look healthy. Cosmic Dental Smile offers a special type of dental veneer called Lumineers. These porcelain veneers instantly transform your teeth without patients having to experience injections or uncomfortable tooth preparation. Completely reversible, Lumineers last up to 20 years and create a straighter, whiter smile by covering the front surfaces of your teeth only.
  • Root Canal: If the fracture extends deep enough into the tooth, then the nerve tissue can be compromised. During root canal therapy, damaged or destroyed nerve tissue is removed from the tooth to prevent further abscesses or infections that destroy the tooth as well as support structures around the teeth. A filling material is then used to seal off the root canals and internal nerve chamber before a permanent crown is placed on top of the tooth. Thanks to new techniques and technology used by Dr. Pang, root canal therapy is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity treated.

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Don’t allow a broken tooth to cause you pain or keep you from smiling. When you schedule a consultation with Cosmic Smile Dental, we guarantee to address the cause of your problem and ensure the quickest, safest, most effective treatments possible to get you back smiling again. 

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